Step repair on location with EsCare

With the new technical process of EsCare, Weber Tec GmbH offers a reasonably priced alternative to repair ribs of your escalator steps and moving walk pallets on location instead of repairing the ribs by welding. As a consequence, costs for assembly and disassembly as well as transport costs can be avoided and the downtime of your escalator or moving walk is reduced to the mere repair time.

2-extrem-scharfkantiger-steg-bearbeitet-2400pxSONY DSC

The sharpened ribs or broken edges gets sandblasted, and the sand and scaled off dirt and oil get completely led back. The repair itself is based on a specially developed material, consisting of several components which replace the missing aluminum of the step.

The advantages of EsCare are obvious:

  • No costs for assembly and disassembly
  • No transport costs
  • Lower repair costs
  • Faster repairs
  • Reduced downtimes
  • DEKRA cerified

The necessary machine is mobile and specifically designed to fit into all elevators with normal dimensions, and due to the adjustable tilt of the whole machine it is possible to reach almost every platform and building level. To reduce sound pollution, the machine itself is soundproofed and is just as loud as vacuum cleaner in a distance of approximately one meter (3.2 feet).

Bild 3 Maschine für Seite 1

EsCare is a very good solution that offers – compared to other repair methods – the highest cost- and time efficiency. The release of manpower that is normally needed for assembly and disassembly and loading can now be used for other tasks.

EsCare provides the same high level of quality our customers are used to and fulfills all requirements according to the European standard EN115 to meet the proportions of the width, the head and the distance between the ribs and meets the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.