Safety / Certification

To ensure the safety of EsCare and meet the high quality and safety standards of our customers and the federal railway authority in Germany, Weber Tec GmbH hired the independent DEKRA institute to test and certify EsCare.

  • DEKRA, 10th of April 2014

Certificate as proof of suitability of the new rib repair method EsCare for escalator steps or pallets of moving walkways.

The tests were carried out complient with the following guidlines:

– Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

– EN 115-1, articles to

– and EN115 articles to


The result in excerpts:

With EsCare repaired ribs..

– “[…]meet the dimensional requirements according to the EN 115/EN 115-1.“

– “[…]don’t show any increased potential risk.”

– “[…]can be repaired in the same way again.”


..and the filler material:

– “[…]offers a high bond with aluminium[…]”

– “[…]is resistant to impacts[…]” and

– “[…]is low-flammable.”


Another excerpt of the Certification, page 4 of 7, that shows a microscopic depiction of a repaired rib: